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The City of Olney, with the assistance of Wilson Metals, has been conducting the curbside recycling program in Olney. Material is currently collected every week.  With the help of City of Olney residents, curbside recycling has kept 641 tons of waste out of landfills during this time.

Weekly curbside recycling is available to city residents for $3.50 per month and is billed monthly on the utility bill.  Residents are provided with recycling totes which need to be placed at curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the same day as the trash service every week. 

Here are a few bits of information for current recyclers and people who are still considering whether to recycle.  The City of Olney provides recycling bins for this program.   Clear recycleable plastic bags can be used for additional recycling if your bins are full.  Please do not use metal ties to close bags.   Black or white bags cannot be recycled, so please consider using a clear recycleable bag for additional recycling.  

Recycling bins and bags needs to be placed at least 3 feet from your trash tote to distinguish the different between trash and recycling. 

Accepted items are newspapers, magazines, cardboard, office paper, aluminum cans, steel and tin cans, and household plastics #’s 1 thru 7 except Styrofoam.  Cardboard needs to be flattened or folded into manageable pieces.  Please rinse all food, beverage and liquid containers.  Please remove the box liner or plastic film in cereal boxes.  Labels do not need to be removed.  No Styrofoam, glass, paint cans, garbage, pesticide containers, plastic toys, plastic bags, or contaminated food containers can be accepted in the recycling collection.


 Recycling Routes

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday


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