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Sewer Plant


                    Design Flows & Loadings

Average Design Flow:  2.2 million gallons per day

 Maximum Design Flow:  5.5 million gallons    per day

BOD Loading:  5142 lbs. per day
 Suspended Solids Loading:  4972 lbs. per day
 Population Equivalent:  30,000

The City of Olney WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) consists of a preliminary, primary, secondary (activated sludge with single stage nitrification), and tertiary (sand filters) filtration system.

The percent efficiency of nutrient removal is consistently in the 98 to 99.5 percent range. The treatment plant discharges to an unnamed ditch to Fox River. 

The sewer collection system consists of approximately 45 miles of sewer lines ranging in size from 8 inch to 36 inches. There are at present nineteen sewer lift stations. 

Staffing at the sewer plant consists of six permanent operators with one additional person in the collection system. 

The City of Olney Wastewater Treatment Plant is 1 of 7, out of 166 state wide, up for nomination for "Plant of the Year" by Illinois EPA.

Contact Info:


Tony Steber, Sewer  Plant Supervisor
Olney Sewer Plant

1001 S. Oak Street

Olney, IL 62450

Ph. (618) 392-8331

Monday - Sunday

7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.