3/23/2020 **UPDATE** The Olney Police Department has advised that they will not be able to offer any more inspections of golf carts and/or recreational off-highway vehicles until the COVID-19 threat has decreased.  Keep watch on our website and Facebook page for when the inspection program will resume.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but want to make sure that our citizens and officers are kept as safe as possible during this time.

Proper signage has now been posted regarding golf carts and recreation off-highway vehicles in the City of Olney.  Such vehicles MUST have a permit before they can be used inside of City limits.  We strongly encourage you to wait to register your golf cart or recreational off-highway vehicle until the COVID-19 crisis is over.  However, we have been promising for months that we would let you know as soon as the permitting process could begin, so we are following through on that.

Below, you will see what the normal procedure would be for this.  While the Police Department can still schedule inspections for these vehicles, the City Hall lobb is closed to the public.  If you must register during this time, you can do so by mail or e-mail.  Again, we encourage you to wait.

Application forms may be found on our website under "Forms and Applications."  Applicants must include a copy of documentation received from the Police Department showing that the vehicle has passed inspection, a photocopy of their valid Driver's License, and a copy of their State minimum insurance coverage that shows coverage amounts.  Payments may be mailed or made through our website via the "Make a Payment" icon.  Where it asks for your account number, please put "GOLF CART/UTV PERMIT."

Documentation can be e-mailed to cityclerk@cityofolney.com or mailed to 300 S. Whittle Ave., Olney, IL 62450.  Once all necessary documentation and payments have been received, permits can be mailed.

"The City of Olney may now start the permitting process for golf carts and recreational off-highway vehicles.  Such permits can only be issued to owners of the vehicle who are 21 years of age or older.  Please follow the process below if interested in permitting your golf cart and/or recreational off-highway vehicle:
  1. Have the vehicle inspected by the Chief of Police or his designated representative (320 S. Whittle Ave., 618-393-2923).  Vehicles must be properly equipped.   Equipment needed may be found in Chapter 10.20 by following this link:  https://www.ci.olney.il.us/Title%2010%20%20Vehicles%20and%20Traffic%2012.9.19.pdf
  2. Vehicle must have evidence of insurance in compliance with State of Illinois minimum liability coverage amounts ($25,000 bodily injury per person per accident/$50,000 bodily injury for all persons per accident/$20,000 property damage liability).
  3. Once the vehicle has passed inspection, proof provided by the Chief of Police, or his designated representative, must be brought to City Hall to complete the permitting process.
  4. Applicant must fill out the application in its entirety, and provide:
  • Proof of current liability insurance at a level meeting the State minimum requirements
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Proof of golf cart/recreational off-highway vehicle ownership
  • If applicant is physically handicapped, he/she will need to submit a certificate signed by a physician certifying that he/she is able to safely operate such vehicle
  • Golf cart permit:  $40.00
  • Recreational off-highway vehicle permit:  $60.00
  • Permits are valid on a calendar-year basis