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White Squirrels
  • The unique white squirrels of Olney are true albinos, sporting white fur and pink eyes with crystal blue irises.  Other squirrels come in many colors and shades of gray and black .


  • The male tree squirrel is the cleanest animal of the rodent family.  He spends double the amount of time grooming himself as does the female.


  • The incisor teeth of a squirrel grow continuously.  Annually the teeth will grow 6 inches however the constant use and wear keep the teeth short. Relative to it's size, the squirrel's jaws are the most powerful of any animal.


  • Early spring welcomes newborn squirrels, pink, hairless, and without sight these babies weigh about 12 grams and are about one inch in length.  They leave the nest at about 7 weeks and learn tree climbing skills.  Squirrels reach maturity at one year and have an average life span of 10-12 years.


  • During harsh winter weather and severe cold squirrels may not leave their nest for several days feeding on the nuts they have stored during the summer months.  Squirrels do not hibernate.


  • One and one half pounds of seeds and nuts are consumed by an adult every week.  Weighing about 1 1/4 pounds, squirrels eat more than their body weight each week.


  • Squirrels are protected in the City of Olney, causing them harm in any way is unlawful .  Squirrels are granted right-of-way on all streets as well as sidewalks.  Fines for violation of the squirrel protection laws can be as much as $750 per offense.